Ksenia Kamikaza (kamikaza) wrote in cologne_sound,
Ksenia Kamikaza

Platz für Tanz broadcast #036 (05.03.2009.)

1.Larissa Kapp - Lost Piano (Whare Wurlitzer Dub)
2.Luomo - Tessio (Stimming radio mix)
3.Shahrokh sound of k. - Old score
4.Ronan Portela - Remolona
5.Paolo Mojo - Nightlaw
6.Milton Jackson - Crash
7.Valentino Kanzyani - Nueva York (Davide Squillace remix)
8.Corrie - Body Type 1
9.Gus Gus - Lust (Tonka birthday remix)
10.Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn (Album Edit)
11.Marc Romboy - Sonora

listen // download // broadcast archive // www.platzfurtanz.info

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