Ksenia Kamikaza (kamikaza) wrote in cologne_sound,
Ksenia Kamikaza

Platz für Tanz broadcast #032 (05.02.2009.)

1.Datashat - Stop the message (Widescreen edit) (Handsette)
2.Anton Pieete - I Don't Want (Intacto)
3.Audiofly X - 1999 (8 Bit)
4.Golden Boy with Miss Kittin - Rippin kittin (Glove Tension Dub) (Ladomat 2000)
5.Uppfade & Crown feat. Heida - Vaseline (Minanimnal)
6.DOP - Blanche Neige (Circus Company)
7.Moritz von Oswald - Watamu beach (rework) (Desolat)
8.Mike Shannon - The Love Fry (Plus 8)
9.Rude 66 - As (album version) (Creme Organization)
10.Bad Cop Bad Cop - Hotpants (Kahlwild)

Возможно странноватый выпуск, но музыкально мне очень нравится.

listen // download // broadcast archive // www.platzfurtanz.info

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