Ksenia Kamikaza (kamikaza) wrote in cologne_sound,
Ksenia Kamikaza

Platz für Tanz broadcast #027 (31.12.2008.)

1.Eva Be Feat. Pegah Ferydoni - She Walks Alone (Marcus Worgull Remix) (Sonar Kollektiv)
2.Lee Jones - Soon (Aus Music)
3.Lee Jones - The secret (Aus Music)
4.Lee Jones - MDMAzing (Aus Music)
5.Andres Garcia - No more tears (Quarion rmx) (Connaisseur Superieur)
6.Sasha - 3 little piggys (Emfire)
7.Chris Liebing - Turbular chord (CLR)
8.Thomas Muller - X nights (Bpitch Control)
9.Funkwerkstatt - Komet (Super Fancy)
10.Marcus Kaes - Roboto (Groove rebels rmx) (Alles Kaese)
11.Kyle Geiger - My loss (Skoozbot's Gain rmx) (Drumcode)

listen // download // broadcast archive // www.platzfurtanz.info

Platz für Tanz podcast @ Ind-Ex-Mix
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